Our History

  • 1983

    ZHL Founded

    ZHL was founded as Zimbabwe Reinsurance Corporation through an Act of Parliament, an embodiment of the founding principles to make insurance a necessity for all Zimbabweans

  • 1985

    ZIB Founded

    Established Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers (ZIB) as part of the Company’s vertical integration

  • 1988

    Acquisition of National Employment Mutual

    Acquired National Employment Mutual now National Insurance Company of Zimbabwe (Nicoz), introducing non-life business to the Company

  • 1988

    Acquisition of Legal General

    Acquired Legal General, now Fidelity Life Assurance Zimbabwe (FLA)

  • 1996

    Regional Expansion

    In line with the founding principles, ZHL spread to the region, acquiring Pearl Insurance, now United General Insurance in Malawi and Diamond Insurance Zimbabwe which was later merged with Nicoz to form NicozDiamond. In the same year ZHL also established Zimre Malawi and South Africa

  • 1999


    The growth of the insurance industry bought about opportunities in the investment chain, in order to participate therein, ZHL established Zimre Unit Trust (ZUT)

  • 1999

    Further Regional Expansion

    Established Zimre Zambia

  • 1999

    Listing on local bourse

    ZHL listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

  • 2001

    Acquisition of FICO

    Acquired controlling interest in First Insurance Company of Uganda (FICO)

  • 2001

    Horizontal integration of non-core businesses

    Merged ZUT with Fidelity Life Unity Trust to form Fidelity Life Asset Management Company (FLAM)

  • 2003

    Introduction to the Property Sector

    To support the reinsurance operations and enhance liquidity ZHL founded Zimre Property Investments (ZPI)

  • 2003

    Listing of subsidiaries on local bourse

    Fidelity Life Assurance Zimbabwe listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

  • 2007

    Listing of subsidiaries on local bourse

    Zimre Property Investments listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

  • 2009

    Formation of Emeritus International

    Emeritus International Reinsurance Company formed and registered in the Botswana International Financial Services off shore zone

  • 2009

    Acquisition of CFI

    Acquired interest in the agro-industrial processing conglomerate CFI Holdings Limited

  • 2015

    Zimbabwe Investments Award

    Undertook a US$15 million Rights Issue which won the second runner up award for deal of the year at the Zimbabwe Investment Awards

  • 2017

    Restructuring exercise

    In line with the new strategy the Company reduced its interest in ZIB, FICO and disposed of Nicoz Diamond

  • 2017

    Acquisition of Credsure

    Acquired controlling interest in Credit Insurance Zimbabwe Limited

  • 2018


    Rebranding of all the reinsurance operations under the Emeritus Reinsurance brand

  • 2018


    In accordance with the new strategy, ZHL intends to create sustainable shareholder profits by growing its core businesses both locally and regionally