ZHL rebrands Reinsurance Operations

Prior to the lifting of sanctions  on January 12, 2017 previously applied to Zimre Holdings Limited by the US Department of the Treasury’s office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), ZHL had adopted a multi-branding strategy across the region with operations in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia as Baobab Re, First Re, MozRe, Malawi Re and Zambian Re, respectively.


The delisting, however, presented an especially unique opportunity for ZHL to re-strategise and reimagine the Group’s business in order to reclaim dominance on the local and regional market. It is with no surprise that the lifting of sanctions was

met with a new and clear vision to rebrand locally and regionally.


Rebranding to Emeritus Reinsurance has given the company new breath and benefits from economies of scale that are derived from a mono branding. It has allowed the Group to reconsolidate and create more visibility enhancing its competitiveness across the region.


ZHL’s rights issue in 2016 saw capital injection in the reinsurance entity, securing liquidity and operational capital, as well as a change in the shareholding structure with the entry of new shareholders. This in turn ensured that Emeritus Re, wholly owned by ZHL, is well-resourced and has a sound capital base.


On this basis, Emeritus Re, with renewed strength and determination, is now more than ever committed to growth, to recover market share and pursue its vision of becoming an agile reinsurance group that straddles Africa’s insurance and risk management space. An excellent team, commitment to professionalism and to honour claims, coupled with exceptional turnaround times has poised the group for success as it continually changes the face of reinsurance across the continent.

The rebrand is a very significant milestone in re-strategising and will allow for the expansion of the company’s operations in both domestic and regional markets. This has successfully been unrolled since March 2018 in Zambia,  Malawi, Botswana and Zimbabwe, thus achieving a strong regional footprint.


To do this, the company has created a new visual corporate identity for the reinsurance wing adopting colours that speak out to the attributes of the brand

– intelligence, wisdom, focus, efficiency, sophistication, determination, security and passion.


Value addition is the core of the company’s new corporate identity – it is about interfacing with the investors and corporate customers. It speaks to the competence, prudence, stability and the transparency with which Emeritus Re conducts business.


Emeritus Re has also been effectively positioned as leaders in reinsurance and risk management, based on a heritage of providing innovative risk solutions to protect growth and prosperity.


The strategic intent going forward is to build this new brand and optimise potential, embedding the new brand across all activities ensuring a strong and coherent brand experience across all business touch points in order to remain relevant and responsive to the current market and market changes.14715 OESAI Magazine advertorial (1)

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